I’m so excited to be participating in the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge! I hope that you all can get to know me and my shop a little bit better through this process 🙂


Designing a Journaling Card

Today’s prompt is favorite thing to make! My favorite thing to make by far is vellum – I feel like there are so many creative possibilities with how you can use it! I also love that it can transform your planner in a matter of minutes to something that is a completely different theme.

Designing is my favorite part of the process, and as you can probably tell from the shop – I have a thing for plaids! I think that plaids go great with everything and I’ve recently been learning how to design my own.

Go Wild Las Vegas 2019 Plaid Vellum
Go Wild Las Vegas 2019 Plaid Vellum

And how about least favorite? I think most creatives share this one – bookkeeping! I wish that I could just make things all the time and not have to worry about things like taxes and maintaining my books for the business. But, I guess a job can’t be 100% fun all the time 🙂

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