Trying to decide what size discbound planner to purchase?

Use these size guides below to help!

Things to consider when selecting a planner size:

Do you plan to take your planner with you on the go?

If so, a smaller size may work better for you depending on if you are carrying a bag or a purse with you and how big it is.

Do you just need something for at home or on your desk?

A larger size may work better for this and allow you more room to write.

Do you use lots of stickers or decorations in your planner?

A medium or large size planner may be better to allow you room to decorate and make your plans.

PRO TIP: If you are trying to figure out what size will work best for you – take a few sheets of paper and cut them to the sizes specified below. Then, you can compare the different sizes in person.

Trying to figure out what size your discbound planner is?

Measure the size of your inserts and compare them to the chart below to figure out your size!


Keep in mind that the sizes are measured by the size of the insert, and not by the size of the planner itself. Different manufacturers and creators use slightly different sizes for their finished products – but the inserts will always be the same size!

I hope these guides will help you to figure out what size will work best for you, and to select the appropriate size of vellum to decorate your planner!